Platform Maturity Model

Get a competitive advantage with integrations and your API strategy.

Maturity Model

Maturity Model Roadmap

The roadmap to building a game-changing integration strategy.

Level 1Ad Hoc

At this level, you’ve built your first integration(s) and advertised them on your website.

One or more integrations are available

Typically driven by user demand or to close a deal

No focus from product & engineering team

Limited to no insights available on usage

Ad Hoc

Level 2Integrated

This is the first step to a purposeful view of your integrations. Integrations are a key part of your product offering and get time from the teams.

You’re integrated with an IPaaS platform like Zapier

Basic reporting information on integration usage is available

Product & Engineering have integrations on the roadmap

You’re pushing your integrations to 3rd party marketplaces

Level 3Networked

Integrations and APIs are a core part of your product. All teams in the company are aware and need it.

You offer multiple integrations across multiple categories

You have an API available (public or private)

Customer-facing teams push for new integrations

Integrations are table stakes during commercial conversations


Level 4Distributed

Increasing integrations with your product is a company objective. Dedicated teams are working on integrations. You’re starting to build a community.

You have a public API available and are focused on developer experience

Dedicated people are working on partnerships, developer evangelism and/or community building

Your integration strategy helps drive business metrics (e.g. LTV and Churn)

Integrations are being built by yourself as well as third parties who want to integrate with you

Level 5Platform

Your product is extensible in multiple ways, it supports workflow automation. You have a clear overview on integration gaps and what the competition is doing.

Your App can be extended and supports workflow automation for customizability

You have a dedicated developer community and offer an integration fund to incentivize

Monetization of integrations provides additional revenue

The executive team is committed to the platform vision

The operating system to build and showcase integrations
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